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Pilatestudio is based in Wimbledon and offers large equipment and reformer sessions such as classes, private 1-2-1, duos and semiprivate sessions for small groups of 3 people.

We can advise you on which option would be best suited for you. Sessions are based in a fully equipped studio using large equipment such as Reformer Pilates, Cadillac, Split Pedal Chair, Arc Barrel and Ladder Barrel. We aim to give the best option for any level taking into account customers strength, injuries and experience by tailoring our offering to any specific circumstances and needs.

Classes and private sessions are designed by a STOTT and APPI qualified instructor who is passionate about the way the body works and is on her third year training in Osteopathy. Toning and getting fit is made both fun and challenging by using matwork repertoire, small and large equipment. Our promise? You will never get bored whilst achieving your goals!

  • Better Posture
  • Stronger core, arms, legs and gluts,
  • Flexibility to improve your range of motion,
  • Enhanced performance in your sport of choice (running, biking, tennis, football and more),
  • Leaner stronger muscles
  • Shoulder pain rehab exercises,
  • Low back pain relief routines

These are some of the areas we can help with though Pilates!

Valentina Verno
Valentina Verno

Valentina started her teaching journey training in Yoga and earning a Yoga Campus diploma in 2011 and is British Wheel of Yoga Certified. She coupled that with study, self practice and experiential knowledge of Pilates being coached by APPI and STOTT qualified teachers.

She then undertook a formal teacher training diploma and qualified as a STOTT Pilates teacher and later as an APPI fully qualified instructor (a form of physiotherapy enhanced Pilates).

She is also a Sports Massage recognized practitioner and is studying at University College of Osteopathy for a MOst in Clinical Osteopathy, which combines academic and clinical, ‘hands-on’, work.