Keep your workforce fit and healthy with Pilates mat classes

All you need is a free room or space in your workplace and some willing colleagues. Classes can be held during a lunch break, before or after work.

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A fit work force is a productive work force!

Pilates is proven to get people fitter with better posture stronger core and backs and more energy.

10 Million sick days per year in the UK are down to backache costing a staggering £1 BN*.   Sitting at a desk long hours is a major contributor. Providing your work force with a better core awareness will help them to sit more ergonomically minimising injury. Repetitive strain injury from using a mouse can also be helped and give people the motivation to stay with your organisation longer. A Pilates class in the office increases well being boosts morale and brings the team together for fun and fitness.

Price £110 per hour up to 12 people per session
Pilates mat class

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